About me

Hello there, I’m Mark! I’m a West Yorkshire based landscape photographer! I travel the UK in search of the best photoshoot locations. I have an interest in all things railway, and all things Apple. I take my photographs with my Canon EOS1200 or iPhone 8, and edit in photoshop. I prefer lighter, more subtle edits, giving the image a flavour of class, rather than a GCSE art project. On a personal level, I also work so cannot be out taking photos all the time, and I am a student, studying Level 3 BTEC’s in Business and Photography. I am also very strongly opinionated, and I like to capture these opinions in my work where possible. I prefer to be out taking photographs, rather than in a studio environment, although I am no stranger to this layout. Please feel free to browse my images, I hope you find inspiration for your own projects, and tweet me with any questions or enquiries you may have.